Omelet Reviews

My omelet reviews are primarily social commentary with a few travel tidbits and at least some mention of an omelet. I can compare omelet reviews to historical romance novels. Factual events comprise approximately 20% of the story. The remaining 80% of the historical romance novel is about droplets of perspiration and heaving bosoms. My omelet reviews are 20% about the omelet, and the rest is about the romance.

I created omelet reviews as a new form of self-expression during weekend excursions in our home state of Idaho. I’d sit in a cafe and take the time to ponder the omelet selection on the menu. I’d talk about the significance of the name of the restaurant, the decor, and the facial expressions of the customers. I’d consider how our omelet experience relates to the headlines in the newspaper that day or to whatever else is happening in our own little worlds.

On a trek through Southeast Asia, I searched for universal themes and a good omelet at every stop. Throughout our egg-centric adventures, I continued to dissect the American experience and ponder issues such as sustainability, the role of animals in the food chain and keeping it local.

People have been asking what is the direction of my omelet reviews. I have contacted David McCormick, the agent for MaryJane Butters and Pete Jordan, for help with our omelet direction. He advises to keep writing omelet reviews and weave a narrative, following the example of Pete Jordan’s recent book about dishwashing in all 50 states. Maybe I’ll eat omelet on all continents, but in the meantime, I’m working on omelet review zines. “You Can’t Hide an Elephant in an Omelet,” My Southeast Asia omelet review zine is now available!

Through writing about omelets, I hope to inspire others to consider their physical, cultural and political environment. I challenge others to contemplate how eating experiences fit within the larger societal context. We all eat. We all think. We all express ourselves. As individuals, we are all part of a larger society. Those are the components. Put them all together, and you’ve just created an omelet revolution.

Send guest omelet reviews to along with a lengthy bio.


USA omelets

South Pine Cafe located in Nevada City, California

Middle Way Cafe located in Anchorage, Alaska

Tunnel Ends Cafe and Espresso located in Whittier, Alaska

The Sweet Berries Cafe located in Homer, Alaska

Red Feather Lounge located in Boise, Idaho

The Greenbelt located in Boise, Idaho

The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa located in Riverside, California

Chef Lou’s at 8th Street located in Boise, Idaho

Cricket Cafe located in Portland, Oregon

Palmer Cafe located in Stanley, Idaho

The Bakery located in Stanley, Idaho

Zoe’s Cafe located in Kendrick, Idaho

White Horse Cafe located in Dreary, Idaho

Donnie Mac’s located in Boise, Idaho

Sweet Service Bar and Cafe located in Sweet, Idaho

Silver Dollar Cafe located in White Bird, Idaho

Friends Restaurant located in Enterprise, Oregon

White Pine Cafe located in Troy, Idaho

Tom’s Cabin Cafe located in Emmett, Idaho

Silver Saddle located in Potlatch, Idaho

Clearwater River Casino located in Lewiston, Idaho

North Fork Cafe located in North Fork, Idaho

Local Grub located in Garden City, Idaho

Sunrise Cafe located in Middleton, Idaho

Ireland’s Inn Cafe located in Potlatch, Idaho

Merritt’s Country Cafe located in Boise, Idaho

Thailand omelets

Klong Khood Homestay located on Ko Chong

Scandinavian Bakery located in Chiang Rai

Tree House on Ko Chong

Blue Diamond located in Chiang Mai

Ban Kumuang School located in rural Isaan

Omelet Review located near Warinchamrap

Ban Jaidee Guest House located in Trat

Simba’s located in Chiang Rai

Riverside Bamboo Restaurant located in Chieng Khong

Cambodia omelets

Seaside Guest House located in Kep

Indian Curry Pot Restaurant located in Sihanoukville

Same Same but Different Restaurant & Bar located in Sihanoukville

The Khmer Gourmet located in Sihanoukville

Cambodia Club located in Phnom Penh

While Eating an Omelet, I hear an Oink-Oink

Laos omelets

Vangviang Organic Farm located in Vang Vieng

Kong Keo Guest House located in Phonsavan

Guest omelet reviews

Drawn into the Egg-Centric Vortex by John Alonge

Omelette by Steve Potter

Did George W. Really Eat Here?! by Jeanne Huff

Strazzilicious Omelet by the Strawberry Girl

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  1. miss the omelets at the Good Egg in Portland Maine!!!!!!

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