Silver Saddle located in Potlatch, Idaho

Silver Saddle and the Weekend Special
First off, you do not need a drink to make your omelet experience pleasurable. The omelet had real cheese and fresh mushrooms. (This has become the hallmark of a good omelet. After being served so much processed cheese and canned mushrooms, expectations have changed). At the Silver Saddle Saloon, the owner, server and cook were all wonderful. I could come here every day with Amy and eat omelets for breakfast. I wonder if she too has the same feelings for me and omelets?

Reality takes off the love blindfold and I have a few realizations. If a person eats breakfast everyday at a bar, would a cran vodka become to omelets like ketchup is to hash browns? Much like going to a convenience store only for gas, eventually you’ll want to buy some Twinkies, Lucky Strikes, and lottery tickets. Besides the drinking problem, I’d get pissed at the health-conscious patron mooching a bite of cheesy omelet like the non-smoker bumming cigarettes. Finally, Amy might get tired of the Ted Nugent CD in the jukebox. All these thoughts loom large as I wonder if I should make breakfast reservations for the next day. The owner must have known how good their omelets are because they only serve breakfast on the weekends.


Silver Saddle
509 Pine Street
Potlatch, ID 83855
Phone: (208) 875-9901

One response to “Silver Saddle located in Potlatch, Idaho

  1. A Little update. It is now called Silver Saddle Bar & Grill. The phone number is 208-875-0506. The entire bar and dining room is remodeled. Omelets are no longer on menu 😦 The establishment is non-smoking from open to 8pm. Has Kids Menu. Ceiling is about 5 feet taller. INTERNET JUKE BOX, free wi-fi and more. The menu has expanded quite a but as well.

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