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Birthing Sock Monkey

Cambria, California has an eclectic art scene. An example can be found at the Painted Lily Gallery. Artist Sara Blair-Field takes the imagination to a new place with her sock monkey’s. To learn more about the Painted Lily Gallery and Sara’s work check out

Special thanks to Ginna Mueller for her assistance.

The Dear Rabbit show a SUCCESS at The Bridge Street Inn

The community of Cambria and the guests at The Bridge Street Inn enthusiastically turned out for the hour and half show. Here are some of the highlights from concert.

If you are a performer of the arts and think The Bridge Street Inn would be a good venue for your show contact me at

Fast Food Cambria Style

Boni's Tacos always has bicycle parking

Despite what the Cambria visitor magazine says about fast food. Cambria does have fast food. It’s just fast food Cambria style.

Special thanks to Boni’s Tacos

Special thanks to Amanda Darling for a little video work.

Music by Brandon Follett

Here’s a link to The Bridge Street Inn website so you too can enjoy fast food Cambria style.
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Tim Andreae shakes his Recycled Soda Can Musical Coat

Recycling has a nice jingle when made into a coat.  Tim Andreae, Boise musician, shares this beautiful soundscape.

CLICH HERE to listen to Tim Andreae’s latest recordings.

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Drinking Home Brew Beer with Casey O’ Leary

Prohibitionist believe drinking beer leads to lewd and immoral behavior.  Casey O’ Leary demonstrates drinking  beer in a responsible sustainable manner, betters the community and results in delicious eggs.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Casey at Earthly Delights

CLICK HERE to learn about Green Works  Idaho projects.

Open Mic at Maxine’s Glacier City Bistro in Girdwood, Alaska

Brandon Follett at maxine's glacier city bistro girdwood, alaska

Playing a Veronica and Mental Foreplay tune


With a reputation for fresh flavors, Maxine’s Glacier City Bistro fills with locals every Wednesday Night for open mic tunes. Traveler Brandon Follett checks out the scene and indulges in two of his favorite pastimes — eating and singing.

North Face Trail at Alyeska Resort

Girdwood, Alaska has some of the best day hiking in all of Alaska. Before heading back to the hostel, I recommend taking a walk through the Alyeska Resort. Half the fun of being a budget traveler is splurging at restaurants like Sakura & Sushi Bar.

Anchorage Daily News offers a great written description of the trail here.

Aquaponics Video: Jackie O Poops on my Salad

The hostel managers at Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn love spinach. With the help of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis the hostel has grown a delicious crop of spinach.

Click here for more info about Weirdo’s Farm and aquaponics

Goat Walking in New Mexico with Xagon from Coonridge Organic Goat Dairy

When traveling on a budget and can’t afford a professional guide I recommend a goat. Traveler Brandon follows a friendly goat through the wilds of New Mexico.

The dairy goats roam freely on a unique configuration of private and public land, (like the checkerboard pattern that Tony Hillerman writes about in his books about the Four Corners). The goats roam and graze and return home in the evening. Coonridge Organic Cheese’s delightful taste comes from the type of plants the goats graze on in the high New Mexico desert.

Check out my goat adventure story called, Yum Yum Colostrum:  A Volunteer Experience at Coonridge Organic Goat Dairy.

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Water Conservation at the Bridge Street Inn Hostel

Aimee Wyatt explains the Bridge Street Inn’s approaches to water conservation, including directions on how to make a lid sink.  Check out the Bridge Street Inn Hostel in Cambria, California.