White Pine Cafe located in Troy, Idaho

I Feel like a Wild Pony

When I wake up, I look like this. I need an omelet to give me some spunk.



After eating the above omelet, I feel like a wild pony.

This is Amy right before she eats her omelet.

After breakfast, Amy feels like a cowgirl riding a bucking bronco, wrestling control with her black lacy reins.

I sometimes wish cafes were more similar to McDonalds only in the aspect of playgrounds. I wish The White Pine Cafe had pony rides, maybe a petting zoo. And train rides at the Willow Springs Station. Sometimes the reward at a cafe is not the food but the frolicking in the playground of the mind.

Willow Springs Station
809 1st St.
Cheney, WA

White Pine Cafe
101 Highway 8
Troy, ID

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