Brandon Follett guest poet at the Mouth Thistle reading sponsored by the MFA Department of Boise State University


Albatross and the Plastic Death    SPOKEN WORD VIDEO

I Love Pretty Boys Chasing Balls and You

Rotting Democracy AUDIO VERSION

Keeping it in the Family

Piss Poem duet with ASL Interpreter Susan Mackey

My Armpits Smell like Car Air Freshner (picture version)

I Need a Virus to Slow Down (picture version)

Eggs Won’t Rot and Sperm Won’t Spoil  SPOKEN WORD VIDEO

1 Cor 13:13 And these Three Remain the same:  Faith, Hope and Love.  But the Greatest of these is LOVE AUDIO VERSION

A Poem for my Mom Who’s Son still Pee’s in his Bed AUDIO VERSION

The Baby Boomers Dead Decade AUDIO VERSION

Mechanistic Lover part 3

I Need a Virus to Slow Down

“Cambria Doesn’t Stink,” says my NOSE

Bacteria Lovin’z

Naturally Ridiculous but Humanly TRUE

Eggs Won’t Spoil and Sperm Won’t Rod Abridged

The Bench

The Rest Home


Let’s Play Kill Em Baby

No to Smoking

Serve me up a Microwaved Omelet laid out on a plate of Chinese Panties

Almost a Salty Popsicle

God in the Field

My Inner Mycologist looked for God

Climate Controlled Seasonal Couch Potato

Jack the Tapeworm A Modern Latter Day Saint

First Environment, Then Education Omelette Curry-Infused Dreams of Freedom (or) A Backyard for my Dog to Piss (omelet review)

I went to Zoe’s Cafe for Help

I’m still Poor, Eating like a Yuppie who shops at the Boise Co-op

More American than Apple Pie (omelet review)

On Holiday in Cambodia Trustful and Fearful Travlers (short film)

One response to “Poetry

  1. I don’t mean to make light of the situation, but I couldn’t help but notice that bomblet rhymes with omelet.

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