Tom’s Cabin Cafe located in Emmett, Idaho

Coors, Cheese, Eggs, and Johnny Cash

Sometimes a person goes to a bar just for a beer. You don’t care about top shelf, sweet-n-sour granny smith apple martinis, micro brews, and organic wine–you just want a cold Coors in a bottle. Tom’s Cabin Cafe isn’t your martini bar of omelets. When you’re tired of the bullshit and need someone to talk straight with, go to Tom’s Cabin Cafe. At Tom’s, you’re not going to get goat cheese or fresh Alaskan salmon. What you will get is a basic omelet that will fill you up and get you back on the road. The cafe does offer one pool table and a jukebox. My dollar bought CCR, Clash, ACDC, Johnny Cash, and Pink. Tom’s has a small variety of domestic beers. If you’re like me and prefer Coors over coffee to wash down your omelet, be sure to bring a designated driver.

5001 West Highway 52
(Tom’s Cabin Road) – map
Emmett, ID 83617

One response to “Tom’s Cabin Cafe located in Emmett, Idaho

  1. Thank you so much for your write up! I’m the daughter of the owner of Toms Cabin and we always appreciate when someone loves us!! Next time your down our way te us know, and your omelet is on the house, I’ll even buy your Coors to wash it down. 😉

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