Sweet Service Bar and Cafe located in Sweet, Idaho

NO to GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES to OMELETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Growing up, my parents always told me if a person’s heart is good then their skin color or dress shouldn’t matter. Their point rings true with this cafe. At first I had my doubts about eating at an old, run-down gas station. Don’t let the retired gas pumps foreshadow your palate’s enjoyment. The food had a new gas pump look, and it tasted like fresh gas syphoned out of someone else’s car. Biting into the omelet brought about visions (the only other time I had this sort of mental trip from a meal is when I ate shrooms) of a Mad Max Omelet society. I hope that when the gas runs out, every vacant gas station will open as a cafe. Where I live in the North End of Boise, I can walk to three gas stations. There will be omelet wars between the Chevron Cafe on 15th, Stinker Cafe on 13th and Jackson Cafe on 8th. Omelet specials will replace gas price billboards. The Sweet Service Bar & Cafe is the future. NO to GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES to OMELETS!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. To taste the future, you’ll probably have to use gas, but it’s worth the drive.


Sweet Service Bar & Cafe
7600 Sweet Ola Hwy
Sweet, ID 83670-5052
Phone: (208) 584-3403

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