Ireland’s Inn Cafe located in Potlatch, Idaho

Osama United States

When I think of Ireland, what comes to mind is Michael Collins, U2 and Guinness. Some of Ireland’s most famous exports: modern guerilla warfare, music and warm beer. Typically, when I see restaurants such as Gambino’s Italian Restaurant, China Café, or Nuevo Vallarta Mexican Restaurant, I assume the food will reflect the name of the place. Usually people don’t go to Sakura Japanese Cuisine and order hot dogs or bean burritos.

To my surprise, Ireland’s Inn Café had a familiar menu consisting of limited omelet choices, pancakes, orange juice, and hamburgers. I asked the server if the standard American breakfast was styled from an Irish palette. Even though the place is hopping in green and three leaf clovers, it isn’t named after the country of Ireland after all.

The server explained the former owner’s last name is Ireland. Come to think of it, I have met several people with the last name of Ireland. For example, my old boss, Allen Ireland, owner of the Neurolux. However, I have never met an Osama United States, Bobby Afghanistan, Kimberly Fort Hall Indian Reservation (land of the Shoshone and Bannock), Pam El Salvador, or Veronica Laos. If big brother ever tries to silence the omelet reviews, Amy and I will go underground and use the pen names Amy Belize and Brandon Yap (small island nation close to Guam).

Next time we stop here, we know not to expect a black pudding omelet or a grilled tomato omelet with choices of Irish brown bread or Irish soda bread. The good news about Ireland’s Inn Café is that omelets are served until 9pm and the hashed browns on the side are freshly grated.


Ireland’s Inns Cafe
5460 Highway 95, Potlatch, ID
(208) 875-1362

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  1. HI I Was wondering if U are new owners?

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