The Silver Dollar Cafe located in White Bird, Idaho

Stepmom and Mom Service


This cafe has a similar story to the Sweet Service Bar & Cafe. Yes, it too used to be a gas station. Long live the revolution.

The Silver Dollar Cafe is at the back of the building with an open kitchen and short hallway separating the bar from the dining area. Stepping through the front door takes you straight into the bar. A few patrons were having a mid morning drink, eating breakfast and watching the Price is Right. Although I usually stay away from the traditional sports bar and don’t enjoy watching games on TV, I could see myself hanging out and getting involved with the Price is Right drinking crowd.

The cafe is like having a mother and a stepmother. Both moms share the same last name but demonstrate their love in very different ways. Your real mom wants to give you only the best. Mom serves up fresh grated hashbrowns, doesn’t scrimp on the veggies, and delivers a perfect rectangle shaped omelet. Now, the evil stepmother wants you to gain your independence. Stepmom points you in the direction of the coffee pot, mugs and makes you grab your own silverware. Where’s dad? He must be the drunk man at the bar. If I did have a mom and stepmom, this is where I would take them for Mother’s Day.



Amy at the self serve area.
Coffee: 25 cents
Omelet: $4.75

At one point I was the only guy there without a beard.

Silver Dollar Bar & Cafe
100 Main
White Bird, ID (Idaho) 83554
Phone: (208) 839-2293

2 responses to “The Silver Dollar Cafe located in White Bird, Idaho

  1. yeah the evil step mom is really evil too, like we did not know that it was self serve. We waited like dumbazzes until she barked that out. She could have told us. that lady needs to clean that place up what a pigsty. The food was terrible. The only thing good about this place were the prices but i will no go back – having said that, we went to hoots restaurant not far from there and it was bad too, but at least we had a nice server. recommend eating in riggins or grangeville.

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