IMH greeting cards

Studies show photographs of pets and nature are a key artistic ingredient to creating internal happy moments.   Inspire, Motivate, to Heal greeting cards use the subject of pets and nature to bring joy to the heart. My pet cards are one of a kind because I understand humans have some great insights about humanity but isn’t it more fun when an animal helps espouse and articulate the idea. When life throws you a curve ball remember the advice from Dahlia Howard, the Peaceful Collie and Desmond Tutu, “Show a little tongue, teeth, and smile;  it’s those little bits of silly happiness that will overwhelm the world.”

Inspire, Motivate, to Heal greeting cards are divided into 5 categories:  feel good Dahlia Howard cards, quirky funny Dahlia Howard cards, bereavement Dahlia Howard cards, nature cards and street cat cards.  Upon request cards can be assembled without the quote.

To place an order, simply email or call in the quantity, category, and number/letter of the card you would like to purchase to either:

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