Thank You Hostelling International

What you carry a half naked picture of Charles in your pocket and can recite his poetry!?!?!

What? You carry a half naked picture of Charles in your pocket AND can recite his poetry!?

We found this fabulous write up about GABI on the HI Northern California Hostels website.

On July 1, a new Hostelling International hostel opened its doors in Girdwood, Alaska, with the facilities inside nearly as impressive as the scenery outside. Located 45 minutes southeast of Anchorage, Girdwood entices visitors from around the world with spectacular mountains, meadows, and rivers, along with world-class skiing. The Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn (GABI) makes it possible to experience the Chugach mountain area, whether by hiking, rafting, or paragliding, on a bicycle or a rainforest canopy zipline, at a fraction of the cost of any other accommodation in this resort town.

The hostel has been constructed with eco-friendliness as a top priority, utilizing the “most recycled, locally produced materials available in Alaska.” Guests will see sustainability at work throughout the hostel, with its dual light switches, dual flushing toilets, and user-controlled water flow showers. The facilities essentially allow hostellers to control the amount of water and electricity that they use at a given time, enabling them to minimize wasted resources. The hostel is truly ambitious in their sustainability aims — they are hoping to achieve LEED certification.

However, being sustainable doesn’t mean skimping on atmosphere. GABI as a full kitchen, beautiful common room, Weirdo’s Farm and is decorated throughout with colorful art done on site by local artists — not just on the walls, but the floors, too! The hostel also offers a 10% discount if certain items are presented upon check-in, including a Charles Potts poem, vegetables from a farmers market, or a self-published ‘zine. Dorm beds are $25 nightly and private rooms are $50 — without a doubt the best deal in town.

The Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn is located off the Seward Highway, easily accessible by public transportation, and is biking distance from Anchorage. The convenience and the low price mean that more travelers can now enjoy the astounding natural beauty of the area.

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