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The Bridge Street Inn -Cambria, California’s only hostel

Bridge Street Inn Cambria California

When the sun slips below the Pacific and the landscape loses its definition, the stars are still hidden beneath twilight’s blanket, it’s time to check into the Bridge Street Inn.

The 110 year old Bridge Street Inn keeps the unique Central Coast vibe alive with its commitment to urban nature and the human spirit.  When guests step onto the property the first thing they’ll notice are the gardens.  Guests can enjoy the gardens while cooking up veggies from the local farmers market on the BBQ; watch the humming birds take in nectar from the drought tolerant flowers and succulents around the picnic table, relax in the comfy lawn chairs, or rock in the old-time porch swing framed by grape vines.

The human spirit can be as impressive as the Big Sur seashore or a fat elephant seal when guests from around the world start sharing their adventures and art in the common area.   Guests can grab one of the two guitars and share music, introduce other guests to favorite new bands through Spotify and Pandora, share stories, play Scrabble, and get rowdy with a physical game of Categories at the circular dinner table.

The Bridge Street Inn’s common room has plenty of thoughtful entertainment, aka non TV fun.  The library has a wide range of literature.  An example of what a guest can find on the book shelf:  Far Side cartoons, Federico Garcia Lorca poetry, The New Yorker magazine, and Revolution from Within by Gloria Steinem.  I’m afraid to say it but yes, the BSI does have high speed internet for the guest who wants to sit in their room and quietly stream South Park.

The Bridge Street Inn provides a fully stocked kitchen to create a gourmet dinner with the produce you bought at the local grocery or farmers market.  The kitchen has a guest refrigerator, filtered water, gas burning stove/oven, and an impressive seasoned cast iron collection.  The cast iron collection has been pieced together from various garage and thrift stores from Idaho to California.  The BSI has made a commitment not to poison it’s guests with perfluorooctanoic acid and C – 8 found in nonstick cookware.

The Bridge Street Inn is closed from 10:30 AM to 5 PM.  We have the same attitude as most of our guests.  We all came to the Central Coast to adventure and not to sit indoors.  At 10:30 AM we tidy up the hostel.  Once the hostel has a clean cozy feel to it we put away the cleaning supplies and turn into adventurers.  You will find us catching waves, hiking Big Sur, bicycling the Highway 1 and working on art just like you.

Can’t Find a single Business Sign obstructing the Skyline in Cambria

Cambria Signs

The glorious signs of a healthy economy.

I will not let Cambria’s anti free market strict business sign code stifle my capitalist creativity. Let’s see what the communists think about bicycle sandwich board signs.

Bridge street inn cambria  bike paining

Bridge Street Inn cambria bicycle light post

Bridge Street Inn bicycle brandon

bicycle sign close up

bridge street road

A large glowing neon Bridge Street Inn sign would benefit guests. As you can see from this photo there really isn’t a good landmark for directions.

No Yellow 5 at the Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn

Jeremiah enjoying a Christmas cookie

The Christmas cookie baking party was a success.  The only person who did not have fun thought he was coming to a processed cookie baking party.  “What, no one brought yellow 5 or high fructose corn syrup?  How I am supposed to turn my cookies red and feed the craving? I’m going down to Tesoro to buy Christmas colored Oreos and a can of hairspray.”

At the hostel, cookie admirers and bakers of homemade cookies happily mingled. When the sugar rush got too intense, people stepped out into the snow towards the light.  As a hostel employee, I yell, “Follow the steps to the land of drink and fire.  If you stumble past the boulders onto the road, beware of the large red speeding truck.”  Cookie munchers switched into beverage drinking mode. When the beverage drinkers couldn’t handle the 15 degree cold, they warmed their hands with hot out of the oven cookies.  This cycle continued until the booze and cookies ran out.

If GABI can't pleasure your needs maybe the porch can

One might ask how a dry hostel can have so much baking fun.  A unique feature at GABI is that the deck has been built onto public property.

Girdwoodians haven’t had this much fun at GABI since the dedication when we served booze and ice cream.  Bar owners take note that Jack on the Rocks served alongside a warm sugar cookie or with a huckleberry ice cream cone are a wonderful marriage.

travelers and the Girdwood community love cookies

Girdwoodians and hostelers learn about new cultures through the cookie

Hostels are more delicious when they smell like a fresh baked cookie

St. Nicholas and the Schmutzli at the Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn

St. Nicholas and the Schmutzli making their way to Girdwood, Alaska

December 6th was a rough day because this year I have been bad.

During the summer I accepted the use of a large black Dodge truck that sported a George W. Bush sticker. I didn’t even use the truck for its utilitarian value of hauling sheep or large flat screen tv’s.

Seaview Cafe located in Hope, Alaska

Amy and I drove the truck to Hope, Alaska to simply wander around for an hour. Usually I enjoy being a smidgen evil because I can always seek forgiveness in Christ and offset my carbon footprint through credit. These fun-loving, not-holding-myself-accountable ways changed when I met our Swiss guests.

They have been scaring me with stories about an individual who doesn’t listen to sob apologies. His name is the Schmutzli. Every 6th of December, he and Saint Nicholas visit families in Switzerland and hostels in Girdwood, Alaska. Saint Nicholas gives out fruit and nuts to good people while the Schmutzli kidnaps people who have been bad. The misbehaving people awake in a secret location somewhere in the Black Forest of Europe. Saint Nicholas has a very hungry donkey who loves carrots, and the bad people are forced to peel carrots until their fingers bleed. The Schmutzli adheres to the notion that bad people must be tortured into being good.

Click here to learn more about the Schmutzli

I tell the Swiss I don’t believe in St. Nicholas aka Santa Clause. The Swiss then giggle, “Really, you don’t believe in Santa and the Schmutzli? For the last 8 years, who has been giving out gifts of freedom? Yes, Santa Bush, and who is his helper? The CIA Schmutzli. And where did Santa’s helper take the bad people? To the land of rendition probably somewhere in the Black Forest. Check out the 2009/11/05 New York Times, Italy Convicts 23 Americans for C.I.A. Renditions.”

I prefer the December 25th holiday where I turn my thoughts toward the birth of Christ in a stable and the infanticide of the all the males in Bethlehem under the age of two. These images are much more joyous than dealing with the anxiety of being abducted by the Schmutzli.

Luckily, 2009 has been a great year for everyone at the hostel.

Here are some photos of making and eating Swiss bread babies on Dec 6th. Special thanks to Salome and Avi, THE SWISS.

The Swiss

A bread baby can represent one's alter ego

bread baby action

Bread babies are fun to make and fun to play with and when the fun's gone you can eat them

At GABI guests and the community can feel safe being themselves, i.e. playing with dolls

Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn says, “NO to Smoking.”

physician smoking Lucky Strikes


Please don’t use the excuse that physicians say, “It’s Toasted”

Ronald Reagan slipped your grandma the big Chesterfield

and that George W. Bush encourages children

in 3rd world countries

to enjoy “Made in the USA.”

At GABI “JUST SAY NO” to smoking.

Even Nancy sometimes says, "Oh YES."

Even Nancy sometimes says, "Oh YES to Pleasure"

At GABI we understand that “YES” is sometimes more fun then “NO.” We ask that all questionable activities be enjoyed on the public property adjacent to the hostel.

Les Deux Voyageurs visit Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn

Les Deux Voyageurs in Alaska
July 25, 2009 Couch Surfing

We’re a Canadian+French photographer/writer couple who just moved to NYC after some years in Paris and we’re now in Alaska for 10 days!………..

July 28th, 2009 Couch Surfing

Ok, no one called or ‘texted’ us on our cell phone to offer a CS couch (or rug,cabin,garden space) for one night 😦

Hey you Alaskans, We’re still interested!
We’ll be in Fairbanks tonight (anyone here has a couch??).
Then, we’ll be riding towards the Denali for a few days, then to Anchorage (anyone around that road with a spare couch and wishing to share stories)…

Dear Alaskans, we’d love to meet some of you so text us on our cell and let’s meet!

Tanguy and Violette.

Couch Surfing and bartering are always a great way to meet people on the road or in your own community. Through our travels, Amy and I have met wonderful people through social networking sites like Couch Surfing, Warm Showers, WWOOF, Grow Food, and Help X . Check out Earthworm Envy to read stories, poetry, and watch videos about traveling via social networking sites. As far as bartering, my right leg bears a colorful example of bartering. Josh Petty worked on the tattoo “The Man on the Moon is Dead Impaled by Old Glory” in exchange for some Mental Foreplay for the Classics poetry and a Veronica and the Mental Foreplays CD.

Managing a hostel offers a unique opportunity to barter. We experienced this first hand when we stayed at the Bridge Street Inn in Cambria, California. There we made a video of lid sinks in exchange for room and board. Click here to watch the video. Now it’s our turn to give back to travelers and artists the opportunities that people have given us.

Knowing that we have only once couch, with very little floor space to make up a second bed, we contacted Tanguy to see if he would be interested in taking some photographs in exchange for a private room at GABI. Tanguy and Violette accepted our invitation. The art of story telling is not dead with Tanguy and Violette. Tanguy uses his whole body to tell a well-crafted story, my favorite of which is about the family sailboat that almost sunk in the Mediterranean.

We worked on the photo shoot, sat on the deck, hula hooped, and enjoyed an omelet in Whittier.

Thank you, Tanguy and Violette, for making the hostel that much more of a beautiful place.

Check out, Canadian+French photographer/writer couple’s work at these two sites:

Les Deux Voyageurs

Les Deux Voyageurs a New York

Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn by Tanguy Gilson

photo of Brandon Follett and Amy Johnson by Tanguy Gilson

Tanguy Gilson taking photos at Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn

Tanguy GIlson enjoying the Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn

omelet in Whittier with Tanguy GIlson and Amy Johnson

Picnic Puzzle Party at Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn

jigsaw puzzles and board games need a table like a video game that needs electricity

jigsaw puzzles and board games need a table like a video game that needs electricity

The large hamburger jigsaw puzzle and board games have been sitting on top of GABI’s bookcase since mid July. The managers and guests have been staring at the fun on the shelf for some time. The other day a guest said, “To have games but not a table is like being given a dog collar and leash but not a dog.” That was the tipping point. I was instantly mentally thrown back to some young adult gift giving trauma.

Dec 25, 2003 Boise, Idaho
Christmas morning, Amy and I were given gift certificates to use at a dog grooming facility.
In front of the family and the baby jesus idol, I yell, “Mom, you know we don’t have a dog.”
She replied, “But you have a dog leash and collar.”
“You gave us the dog leash and collar! Get us a dachshund half husky for Christmas. Don’t you think it would be great to have a dog to go with the gifts?”
“It comes down to time and money plus that sounds like an ugly dog. I have worked too hard pet shopping just to have you put that beautiful collar on a half breed mutt. By the way, in your stocking I got you dog toenail clippers.”
Now Mother only acknowledges me through e-cards. On Christmas she will send an e-card from Dog Breedz.com.

Merry Christmas Son

Merry Christmas Son and Amy

After I composed myself from the sudden stir of memories the picnic table was moved inside. To celebrate the new addition to the common room, we hosted a Picnic Puzzle Party.

The first guests to arrive were Matt and Parker. Not only did Matt bring his puzzle enthusiasm, he brought good news about the website that his company OTC has been working on. The hostel website now links directly to the blog and booking sites (thanks, Tanguy Gilson, for the suggestion). HOLY MOLY now we have two things to celebrate!!!

Rachel and Michael, our new neighbors who just moved to Girdwood, rounded out the group. Rachel baked “the best yet” chocolate chip cookies, and Michael connected puzzle pieces with celebratory dances.

Parker and Michael enjoying the hamburger puzzle

Parker and Michael enjoying the hamburger puzzle

chocolate chip cookies are delicious with a puzzle

chocolate chip cookies are delicious with a puzzle

Matt takes a break from the puzzle

Matt takes a break from the puzzle

hamburgers puzzles go with good food like wine is to cheese

hamburgers puzzles go with good food like wine is to cheese

Matt, Amy, Michael, and Rachel work up an appetite while sitting in front of the puzzle

Matt, Amy, Michael, and Rachel work up an appetite while sitting in front of the puzzle

OTC web design Matthew Bailey creative director

October in Girdwood, Alaska: Beaver Pond Trail

The woman slams down her glass of water on the new circular table in the common room. “Did I hear you say ‘let’s drive into Girdwood?’ Who do you take me for? Do I look like an invalid who can’t walk the two miles into town for coffee?”

The hostel common room goes silent. Everyone stares at the man with the Corvette keychain in hand.

The hostel manager quickly interrupts, “You know, Mr. Driver here probably didn’t know about the Beaver Pond Trail before making such a silly comment. Sit down, let me show you a photo journal of my favorite route into Girdwood for a cup of coffee.”

Pick up bicycle/walking path by Tesoro Gas Station

Pick up bicycle/walking path by Tesoro Gas Station

A corvette drives towards us on the Bird Point path

A corvette drives towards us on the Bird Point path

Chugach State Park one of Alaska's most beautiful attractions

Chugach State Park one of Alaska's most beautiful attractions

View from the Bird Point path

View from the Bird Point path

There goes Ace, Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn guest

There goes Ace, Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn guest

On this trip we didn't see any beavers

On this trip we didn't see any beavers

Looks like the bears missed this early October blueberry

Looks like the bears missed this early October blueberry

Dogs can easily negotiate the Beaver Pond Trail

Dogs can easily negotiate the Beaver Pond Trail

The Beaver Pond Trail will take you to the Crow Creek Road

The Beaver Pond Trail will take you to the Crow Creek Road

Across from Maxine's Bistro there's a short cut into the main part of Girdwood

Across from Maxine's Bistro there's a short cut into the main part of Girdwood

The exciting adventure ends with a delicious cup of coffee

The exciting adventure ends with a delicious cup of coffee

A Review of Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn

Ted and Kathy Elmer hiking in Alaska

Ted and Kathy Elmer hiking in Alaska

Ted and I want to thank you for such a great stay in your Hostel. (The two old farts from Seattle) It truly is the best place we stayed in our three weeks of Alaska. We were so comfortable with you and your guests and the way you run the Hostel. We were very lucky that Carol and Bud offered up your services.

We will tell everyone coming your way to stay in your hostel, and make the 45 minute drive to Anchorage only to fly out! We were so sorry we did not just go to the Turnagain Arm, watch the Bore Tide and return to Girdwood.

We did have a treat on the way to back to Anchorage, we got to observe a Bear playing in the mud flats on Turnagan Arm. We went to take pictures by Bird Point. Where the bicycle tunnel comes through, there is a path that leads to one of the points out in the bay. At some point it was a marked trail. It is a short hike about 30 minutes and well worth exploring.

Our best to you an your adventures and your stay in Alaska. You give us hope for the next generation, with your common sense and your kindness.

brown bears on the mudflats of Turnagain Arm near Girdwood, Alaska

brown bears on the mudflats of Turnagain Arm near Girdwood, Alaska (photo by Judith Britt)

Aquaponics Video: Jackie O Poops on my Salad

The hostel managers at Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn love spinach. With the help of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis the hostel has grown a delicious crop of spinach.

Click here for more info about Weirdo’s Farm and aquaponics