Goat Walking in New Mexico with Xagon from Coonridge Organic Goat Dairy

When traveling on a budget and can’t afford a professional guide I recommend a goat. Traveler Brandon follows a friendly goat through the wilds of New Mexico.

The dairy goats roam freely on a unique configuration of private and public land, (like the checkerboard pattern that Tony Hillerman writes about in his books about the Four Corners). The goats roam and graze and return home in the evening. Coonridge Organic Cheese’s delightful taste comes from the type of plants the goats graze on in the high New Mexico desert.

Check out my goat adventure story called, Yum Yum Colostrum:  A Volunteer Experience at Coonridge Organic Goat Dairy.

Watch more Earthworm Envy travel videos at tripfilms.com

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