WORM (guest poem)

look for me in the dung heap

in Medusa’s cavern
I’m spaghetti gone mad
eating garbage
and it is heaven
call me worm
of the dirt
of the shit
not even worthy of insignificance
no consequence
usually misunderstood
considered creepy
stamped upon
salt and lime showered on
my perfect sex cut in half
dangling from a hook
yep, beneath your feet
I’m deep
below you
which equals propelling which equals plowing
entirely by feel
call me worm
of the annelida phylum
sexy, divine
arranged into infinite rings of flesh
pushing, pulling, pushing
through a dirt cave.
inching it
inch by inch by inch
muscle massaging
from tip to tail
call me worm
each of my ten hearts
are expanding
pumping adulating love
through all my biology
my segmented selves
call me nature’s plow
call me contortionist
tying myself into ambient knots
trailing tunnels
behind and before me
rainwater trickling
tickling roots
from above
call me perfect
a male/female specimen
wriggling through
a terrestrial underworld
complete unto myself
still seeking another
intersex worm mate
to make
the ideal
perfect circle
joined together
clitellum to clitellum
two slimy tubes becoming one
oscillating through
a breathable moist soil universe
call me worm
copulating for hours
call me
pulling up, up, up
through a dark earthen infinite crawl
wiggling through the curving
spine of the earth
in the thundering
rhythmic pattern
vibrating through my every fiber
down and up my nerve cord
rain falling
breathing through my skin
lady and master
of all muck
I am worm

by Jenn Siegel. A native Idahoan, 28 years old, ceramic artist by education and writer of poetry because it keeps her sane. She crafts mosaic tables, mosaic wall hangings, and knitted and crocheted items. In addition to art and poetry she runs a house cleaning business.

Clean house, clean planet with the Greener Cleaners: Environmentally Mindful Housekeeping. Non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally-friendly supplies provided. One time, weekly, bi-monthly, or however needed to fit your schedule. Contact Jenn at dreamspynner@yahoo.com for a free quote.

2 responses to “WORM (guest poem)

  1. I loved your poem on Earthworms! I just wrote a short article about their digestive systems. If you want to check it out:


  2. Christi u complete and utter moron geek!

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