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“Kai jiao sai noei kang lae hed” translates to “omelet with cheese and mushrooms”

Sometimes I carry a Thai phrasebook that includes the Thai translation for everyday words and useful phrases, but so far, we have been getting by just fine knowing how to say “hello” and “thank-you” in Thai. It’s entertaining to know that, if necessary, I could look up how to say, “Can we negotiate? I didn’t do it intentionally. Can I just pay a fine?” It’s reassuring that the phrasebook also includes “Omelete with cheese and mushrooms.” If we get desperate for an omelet during our Thailand travels, we can go to a restaurant and point to the word in the phrasebook, and an omelet will appear like magic. I’m sure of it. We’ll have to point because I don’t trust my pronunciation of “Kai jiao sai noei kang lae hed.” Who knows what might end up on a plate in front of us.

At Windy Restaurant, the menu was in Thai and English. No need for the phrasebook, we just pointed to the menu where it said “Omelet + tuna.” For a second dish, we pointed to “Fired rice + mixed vetgetables.” I sipped a creamy banana shake while waiting for our meal, and it was a good thing I’d slurped it all down by the time the omelet arrived. Otherwise, the shake may have come out of my nose with laughter at seeing the perfect square of processed cheese atop a greasy omelet.

After Brandon’s former rants about processed cheese, I was surprised to see that he ate the slimy stuff with a look of pleasure on his face. I wonder if he would also enjoy country music, Twinkies, and KFC after just a week away from the familiar comforts of home.

Windy Restaurant
corner of Thoncharoen Rd. and Yai On Soi
Trat, Thailand