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Tree House on Ko Chang, Thailand

Enjoy a Fruity Drink

At the Tree House, we ordered an omelet and settled in with pillows, hammocks and a picturesque view of the ocean. Our omelet was beautiful. The egg rose and dipped like gentle waves crashing onto a sandy beach. However, the inside of the omelet was the opposite of beauty and grace. I felt like a kid who’s wooed by the calmness of the water, then jumps into the waves, crashing through the gentleness to find a world of violence and suffocation, scared and being pulled out to sea. Every bite of omelet brought me closer to revisiting the memories of my near death drowning. I couldn’t handle the taste of the omelet. The omelet was filled with an unexpected salty tomato sauce with small bits of cooked vegetable. It made my taste buds cry and my lungs panic.

Sometimes all a person can do is toss the omelet, enjoy a fruity drink and write an omelet review.

Tree House
Ko Chang, Thailand