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I Love Pretty Boys Chasing Balls and You

boise state university football fans

I promise not to wear your make up and panties in public unless it is game day.

I think your name is beautiful but I could never wear it on a shirt.

Yes, I’m more attracted to you in a little Patriot’s jersey.  I like it when you remind me of Tom Brady.

Your wedding ring will be on my finger
but I will always wear my man’s number over my heart.

With HD Triple play costing $159.99 a month which doesn’t include the price of beer, game tickets, and sports apparel.  We are so lucky to have fallen in love.


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A Poetic Cockfight (short film)

click to watch: Poetic Cockfight
Like any sport, cockfighting requires dedication from its participants, which includes months of training before ever entering the ring. In nature, roosters will fight to the death. At Ko Chang, Thailand, a cock retires at the end of its fighting career to a peaceful life among the hens.