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Tim Andreae shakes his Recycled Soda Can Musical Coat

Recycling has a nice jingle when made into a coat.  Tim Andreae, Boise musician, shares this beautiful soundscape.

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Recycling Wine with the Wine Heretic in San Diego, California


The real adventure in San Diego didn’t begin until we met up with John’s partner, Dawn, and good friend, Jim Jenkins, of Jenkins Winery. In his book The Wine Heretic, John elaborates on the idea that anything goes when it comes to wine, especially if the love of wine is what motivates. In a homemade garage still, John took some old wine from Jenkins Winery and distilled it into brandy. Anyone else would have poured it out or given it to the hired help. The Wine Heretic knows how to love all sorts of wine, even the questionable wine.

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995 Acres to Toss my Trash (short film)

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Recycling at the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch inspires one employee to make creative use of trash. The ranch is framed by the Sawtooth and White Cloud Mountains, surrounded by more wilderness than anywhere in the continental United States.