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North Fork Cafe located in North Fork, Idaho

Shot with a Processed Rubber Cheese Slug
Ate an omelet at the North Fork Cafe. To enter the cafe, a person walks through part of the general store. The merchandise is geared towards the outdoors. Not so much to an REI minded person, but more to the sort of person who likes to eat the outdoors. Here’s me in a hunting outfit dreamily thinking about killing fish.

Inside the cafe, we sat underneath a print of a wildlife painting–a hungry mountain lion jumping onto a scared elk. My belly immediately connected with its animal belly spirit. At that moment, I was so hungry I could pounce onto an omelet.

The omelet looked appetizing with fresh fruit on the side, but like everyone knows, a sexy pair of Victoria Secret panties or Tommy Hilfiger boxers can’t change the fact that genital warts are contagious and ugly. When I noticed the odd looking cheese oozing out of the corner of the omelet, my animal belly spirit turned into a scared elk.

The cook shot my appetite to death with a processed rubber cheese slug. Oh, the pain! I felt the dull heartache of a diner who had ordered steak and was served Spam. I had believed this omelet would be the freshest omelet ever eaten in a cafe. With all the guns and pictures of death, I figured the meat had to be almost alive and thus the cheese aged to perfection. Expectations can be as dangerous as a loaded gun.

North Fork Store, Café & RV Park?21 miles north of Salmon on US 93?North Fork, ID 83466?208-865-2412 | 1-800-432-0240