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Brandon Follett: Have Yourself a Hairy Christmas (video)


Special thanks to Don Ritchey who is the founder of Four Guys in the Garage Productions.  Follow the Don Ritchey link to find out more about his films and comedy.

John F. Kennedy’s Hair (short film)

Click on the picture to watch the film

The legacy of JFK can be seen overseas, not only through the ongoing efforts of Peace Corps volunteers, but also in a beautiful head of hair.

In the film I am modeling a Saturna t-shirt. Here is a plug for my friend’s band.
Saturna is the rock ‘n’ roll band you want to listen to before, during, and after the party. Their debut EP …All Night serves up a tantalizing cocktail of ethereal guitars and riveting drums, tender harmonies and heart-ripping hooks.

For another interesting hair documentary, check out Doug and the Haircut

Doug and the Haircut

Fascinating look into how Doug and his hair interact with society. Special thanks to Joe and Burnside Proper.

For another interesting hair documentary, check out John F. Kennedy’s Hair.

To learn about Doug and his passion for baseball, check Sucka Fools