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The Salmon are Mating in Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn backyard

boy salmon hostel girdwood
One of the beautiful benefits of living in a somewhat pristine neighborhood is waking up to the ever-changing seasons. I’m not talking about the suburbia seasons of driving to Home Depot to purchase a pot of pansies, checking the propane for the grill, stocking up on salt for the sidewalk, switching out summer tires for studs, and making sure the dog’s winter sweater hasn’t been eaten by moths.

bald eagle girdwood hostel

This week at the Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn, there has been a flurry of seasonal change centered around the Glacier River that flows 35 ft from the hostel. Out of the woodwork people are marching with fishing poles towards the river. Bald eagles are flying up the river. Bear scat lines the riverbanks. The old timers are warning us not to tread quietly on any trails that might cross the path of a fishing bear.

person fishing silver salmon girdwood hostel

Climate Controlled Seasonal Couch Potato
The couch,
and fatigue remain the same.
The sports on TV
indicate the season.

Fishing for Breakfast Ko Chang, Thailand (short film)

Filmed on the island of Ko Chang in eastern Thailand. One side of the island is full of white sandy beaches and resorts for tourists. The other side is more of what the island used to be like—mangrove trees and fishing villages. We opted for a quiet, peaceful bungalow among coconut trees on the fisherman side of the island. Local fisherman, Visarn, let us tag along while he worked.