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English Crazy Club: Where your inspiration begins!

English Crazy Camp is a booming, action packed, emotional roller coaster. It’s the five-minute movie trailer that will get students jazzed, excited, and wanting to learn more English.

English Crazy Camp is run entirely by volunteers. University students in English Crazy Club prepare songs, games and activities for the weekend camps as a way to practice their English. English-speaking foreigners are recruited to help out, and they get a chance to see the heart and soul of Thailand. Without the volunteer staff, rural schools with small budgets would otherwise not be able to host English camps for their students.

The camps last for two days. During that time, the campers sing songs, learn everyday English phrases, and practice conversational English. At the end of the weekend, everyone is happy from two days of fun, and sad to say good-bye.

Below are pictures and podcasts from two different English Crazy Camps, at Chumchon Ban Nayia School and Patumratchawongsa School, both located in Isaan, Thailand.

the bus ride to the school

arrive at the school and stay up late preparing for the next day

university students get the campers jazzed and excited to learn English

English-speaking foreigners, Gabe and Andrea, are exhausted at the end of the day but happy to help out! For anyone looking for cool volunteer opportunities like this one, check out www.helpx.net.

Short film clips:
the foreign staff entertain everyone with Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy

English Crazy Camp staff doing a crazy English cheer

Campers singing the banana song

the Thai staff perform a fun Thai song

Photo albums:  
photo album of the two English Crazy Camps

photo album of the students at Patumratchawongsa School