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A Sourdough’s Journey from Bowl to Mouth.

Goodnight! Sweet Dreams Sourdough!

After a good night's rest the sourdough looks forwards to being baked.

Sourdough, you will grow like a weed. In 40 minutes I won't even recognize you. Goodbye to youth.

Oh sourdough, you feel so warm. I wish I could cuddle in the cast iron with you.

Baker Brandon loves his sourdough and cast iron

Special thanks to sourdough!! You give Ken, Gabe, and Karin the necessary energy to explore the Central Coast.

Instructional Creepy Sourdough Video


1 cup of starter
1 cup of salt
3 cups of flour
cover the dough set out overnight

heat oven and cast iron at 475 degrees
spread floor on surface
poor dough onto counter
fold dough in from all 4 sides

place dough in cast iron
20 min with lid on
20 min with lid off

The Bridge Street Inn offers guests plenty of cast iron options

Need some Cast Iron cooking inspiration check out Cast Iron Idaho.