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My Underwear Matches my Pizza at The Bridge Street Inn

Cast Iron Lentil Pizza: lentils, red peppers, arugula, cream cheese, salsa verde, mozzarella cheese, tapatio

Lentil Pizza with featured vegetable arugula ready to serve.

Fransico De Lovely sits in the kitchen on a stool. He intently watches me make this evenings dinner, a lentil arugula pizza.

Fransico, “Did you know I’m wearing my arugula green underwear? My underwear matches the arugula your putting on the pizza.”

Brandon, “No, I didn’t know that about your underwear.”

Fransico, “I like underwear and veggie shopping at the same time. That’s why I go to Walmart and Target. I make a game out of it. I pick out veggies first then select underwear to match the veggie color.

Beets = purple briefs
Carrots = orange briefs
Iceberg Lettuce = white briefs
Arugula = green briefs

Where do you buy your veggies?”

Brandon, “The year round Friday Farmers Market in Cambria! The best place for a Bridge Street Inn guest to buy local veggies.”

Fransico, “Today is Friday! Let’s go underwear veggie shopping.”

Brandon, “Oh Fransico, I have some disappointing news. The farmers market doesn’t sell underwear or lingerie. The closest box store is located 24 miles away.”

Fransico has a sad look on his face.

Brandon, “I have a fun idea. Instead of matching your underwear to veggies let’s get creative. Grab several pairs of preferably clean underwear, to make the matching easy, and we’ll color cordinate underwear to veggies. Now that sounds like a good way to pass an afternoon under the blue skies of Cambria.”

Brandon and Fransico head to the farmers market.

"Those tomatoes looks so delicious but I don't have yellow underwear!" exclaims Fransico!

Purple beets kind of match these undies.

Run Run Pig Run Run

This song is dedicated to Claudia and Dallas, the pigs. They had a fun time running around Bowmont, ID up until they went to auction in the fall. Video of Veronica and the Mental Foreplays shot by Sam Counsil in Annie Berical’s living room. Special thanks to Jeni Rebeca Rivero Suarez of Mostecelo.

Click the below link to check out Veronica and the Mental Foreplays

Click the below link to check out Mostecelo

Victoria Remodels Her Yard

When Victoria remodeled the inside of her mobile home, she took the opportunity to also remodel her yard.

Stay tuned for seasonal yard remodel photo updates.

CLICK HERE to learn about Green Works Idaho projects.

Touring the Central California Coast with the RTA

Moostone Beach RTA bus route 12

When summer comes, roads along California’s Central Coast get busy. Take the bus to Hearst Castle, Moonstone Beach in Cambria, Morro Bay’s lovely Embarcadero and other destinations in the county and avoid the stress of rushed tourists passing on narrow two lane roads, the frustration of no parking spots along the beach and driving at a crawl, and forgetting to bring coins to feed the parking meter in downtown SLO.

San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority bus routes will take you to the front door of all the major Central Coast attractions. Leave the stress of driving at home- you’re now on vacation! OR, if you are commuting to work, you’ll FEEL like you are on vacation!

Here’s an overview of where RTA routes 9, 10, 11 will take you:

Now that you’re excited about traveling stress free, here’s an overview of how to use the RTA bus system in the county:

If you can’t get enough beautiful beaches, local cafes, wine tasting and shopping on RTA routes 9, 10, 12, RTA also runs the South County Area Transit.

Travel on SCAT to great places in the Five Cities area; the Pismo Beach Pier, Pismo Prime Outlets shopping Center, Shell Beach Dinosaur Caves with a great park for kids, Butterfly Park, Oceano Dunes, lovely Arroyo Grande Village, and Grover Beach Ramona Garden Park.

All RTA and SCAT buses can accommodate bicycles and are handicap accessible.

Click here to learn more about route details and schedules.

Click here to learn about fares.

Hear from our riders – see profiles of Anne Wyatt, Dave, Terry Morgan, Ed King, and Brandon Follett.

Need help planning your San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority Vacation call 1-805-541-2228 or go to

SLO Government Center

Airstream on the shores of Morro Bay

Open Mic at Maxine’s Glacier City Bistro in Girdwood, Alaska

Brandon Follett at maxine's glacier city bistro girdwood, alaska

Playing a Veronica and Mental Foreplay tune


With a reputation for fresh flavors, Maxine’s Glacier City Bistro fills with locals every Wednesday Night for open mic tunes. Traveler Brandon Follett checks out the scene and indulges in two of his favorite pastimes — eating and singing.

Casa Del Sol Mexican Restaurant in Girdwood, Alaska

Brandon enjoys the Mexi Bowl


Traveler Brandon Follett samples the Mexi Bowl at Casa Del Sol on a cloudy spring day in Girdwood, Alaska.

Chair 1 at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska


What’s up with the bumper stickers that say “I HEART Chair 1”?  Brandon takes the video camera and investigates.  After riding Chair 1, he too is in love, picks up the guitar and writes a love song.

Learn about all the chair lifts and tram by visiting Alyeska Resort.

Middle Way Cafe located in Anchorage, Alaska

keep in mind cars take more time to stop on ice

I quickly make my way around the parked cars and through the Alaskan winter COLD day to enter the Middle Way Cafe.  As the door opens, I am hit by a gust of warm air and greeted by cleavage, bare arms, fancy shoes and poofy hair.  If I had walked into a strip poker game, I could have easily won.  As a public transit commuter, I don’t even try to fashionably survive the harsh Anchorage city streets.  Layers are the only thing that separate a person from freezing to death on a bus stop bench.

winter layers and a backpack with provisions

I sit at a table next to a clean-shaven man with a fab hair do.  He wears designer blue jeans, a brand new vintage Metallica Justice for All t-shirt, and neatly folded by his side, a Navy blue pea coat.  While I shed my different layers, he looks at me with a weird expression and sniffs the air, probably assuming my last layer will reveal a stained and stinky pair of sweats.

To break the odd moment, I ask, “How do you maintain your mod good looks in the below freezing weather?”

He acts annoyed but must have been raised to be polite, so he painstakingly answers:  “I am used to living in the extremes.  Before living in Anchorage, I lived in Las Vegas.  It’s not about seal fur or loin cloths.  It’s all about climate control.  Heaters, air-conditioners, electricity and gas.  When relocating to Anchorage, I bought a home with an attached garage.  The route to work has several drive through coffee stands, drive through banking, drive through fast food joints, and my work offers underground parking.

Here’s the truth, I like to wake up looking like Paul McCartney from 1965 and go to bed looking like Paul McCartney from 1965.  I also like to get drunk and sing Love Me Do at karaoke bars.”

I tell the man thank you for the advice and next time I relocate I will keep driving routes in mind.

The mod man continues, “Hey, sorry for being rude when you sat down.  I usually only see the Paul McCartney 1969 look at Wal-Mart.

That place scares me.  Just to give you a heads up so you’re not disappointed, the Middle Way Cafe does not serve omelets with canned mushrooms or American cheese.  When was the last time you had spinach that wasn’t in a hot pocket?”

Art by V Rae

I ignore the last comment and order the Shepherd’s Omelet.

The omelet makes a person forget about their Alaskan winter layers and brings about fond memories of a dairy goat named Xagon leading her goat cheese apprentice through a warm New Mexican desert.

CLICK HERE to learn more about artist V Rae

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Yes, you’re right,
a Costco membership
in economic hard times
won’t keep my belly full
like a dairy goat
and a veggie garden.

Keep in mind,
in the last ten years
I have donated
2 boxes of fruit loops
and 3 boxes of strawberry jello
to various newsworthy
disaster victims.

If Costco crumbles
in an earthquake,
I won’t go hungry.
I am cosmically vested
in fortified vitamins
and artificial food coloring.

Feel the need to donate check out Heifer International. Maybe a dairy goat will come into your life instead of a box of Fruit Loops.

Founded in 1944, Heifer Project International is a humanitarian assistance organization that works to end world hunger and protect the earth. Through livestock, training and passing on the gift, Heifer has helped 8.5 million families in more than 125 countries improve their quality of life and move toward greater self-reliance. Heifer helps build strong communities because each project participant agrees to pass on the gift of animal offspring, training, or skills to another family in need.

Charity Navigator Rating gave Heifer International an over all rating of 3 out 4. click here for more details