The Temple and Blood of God doesn’t Taste like Mouthwash but a Day of Surfing

The woman with the soft angelic face
lies next to me
in the sun warmed sand.
The breezy salt air
plays with her blonde wavy hair.
I run my fingers up an down
her out stretched arm.
I tell her she’s beautiful.
She sweetly smiles
and says,
The temple of God is the body.

I wonder what the walls
of God’s temple taste like?
I kiss her.
I discover the flavors
of todays pinnic dinner:
avocado, onion, garlic, and black bean.
Flavors from the earth
that I adore.
Flavors not found in
the artificial world of
over the counter
toothpaste, gum, or mouthwash.

The full moon slowly rises
from the east.
The sun begins to set
in the west.
The tide does
it’s mysterious change.
We grab our surfboards.

Whale spouts
go off like fireworks
on the horizon.
We float beyond the brake.
A harbor seal
pops its head above the water line.
A dolphin fin
glides through the waves.

I lean towards her.
I taste salt water
mixed with saliva.
She tells me
I’m kissing
the blood of God.
I taste the same water
on the lips of
whales, seals, dolphins, and all sea life.

She stops speaking mid sentence.
Catches a wave.
Rides it as graceful
as a dolphin.

One response to “The Temple and Blood of God doesn’t Taste like Mouthwash but a Day of Surfing

  1. I’m so happy for you…and I so appreciate that it is moving you to poetry…all the best things in life should 🙂

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