My Underwear Matches my Pizza at The Bridge Street Inn

Cast Iron Lentil Pizza: lentils, red peppers, arugula, cream cheese, salsa verde, mozzarella cheese, tapatio

Lentil Pizza with featured vegetable arugula ready to serve.

Fransico De Lovely sits in the kitchen on a stool. He intently watches me make this evenings dinner, a lentil arugula pizza.

Fransico, “Did you know I’m wearing my arugula green underwear? My underwear matches the arugula your putting on the pizza.”

Brandon, “No, I didn’t know that about your underwear.”

Fransico, “I like underwear and veggie shopping at the same time. That’s why I go to Walmart and Target. I make a game out of it. I pick out veggies first then select underwear to match the veggie color.

Beets = purple briefs
Carrots = orange briefs
Iceberg Lettuce = white briefs
Arugula = green briefs

Where do you buy your veggies?”

Brandon, “The year round Friday Farmers Market in Cambria! The best place for a Bridge Street Inn guest to buy local veggies.”

Fransico, “Today is Friday! Let’s go underwear veggie shopping.”

Brandon, “Oh Fransico, I have some disappointing news. The farmers market doesn’t sell underwear or lingerie. The closest box store is located 24 miles away.”

Fransico has a sad look on his face.

Brandon, “I have a fun idea. Instead of matching your underwear to veggies let’s get creative. Grab several pairs of preferably clean underwear, to make the matching easy, and we’ll color cordinate underwear to veggies. Now that sounds like a good way to pass an afternoon under the blue skies of Cambria.”

Brandon and Fransico head to the farmers market.

"Those tomatoes looks so delicious but I don't have yellow underwear!" exclaims Fransico!

Purple beets kind of match these undies.

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