Let’s Play Kill Em Baby

how many have you pretended
to kill
in your imaginary

I hope all your bullets
are smart
and colored red, blue and

Instead of society thinking
your sick
they’ll just call your coloring

momma dresses
baby like a killer
she calls him daddies little

momma says
if baby’s ever scared
daddies got a big old

momma says
if baby’s ever bored
draw daddies enemies

2 responses to “Let’s Play Kill Em Baby

  1. This poem makes me sad. It makes me think of my son playing violent video games. First of all, I’m not a big fan of video games to begin with so I’ll admit I’m slightly biased, but I’m even less of a fan of violent games that make a game of killing people or humanoids. I come from a family that is full of violent platitudes regarding guns, nationalism, hunting and giving this attribute to ‘manhood’. (although I do have to give several of my brothers credit for working to alter this mentality) This is something that I have always believed to be detrimental to the health of our minds, hearts, families and society. It reduces our connection to one another as human beings & increases the disconnect in reality of our human condition. When I read this poem, it speaks to the notion that soldier boys & killing is somehow a test of masculinity as well as the theme of murderous thoughts in the name of nationalism being okay – as long as they are ‘american’ nationalist thoughts against our supposed enemies, otherwise it is viewed mental illness. I see that your poem was posted on December 30th, but in reflection of the most recent shooting in Arizona – it’s a chilling foreshadowing of this week’s tragedy.

    • Thanks for the honesty. The poem started out as a song. While traveling on the California central coast I came across The Soldier Gallery. It bothers me to see such blatant military nationalism sold as toys and art. I hope this poem makes a person think twice before buying a GI Joe or putting on camo underwear.

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