Girdwood Community Garden: Tasty Sam the Pet Cabbage

At the South Anchorage Farmers Market, Amy befriended a cabbage, and against my advice, she named it Tasty Sam. A person should never name something she or he is going to eat, especially living organisms. Many a plant has gone to seed because the farmer couldn’t snip snip the spinach. For some reason, processed food with names like Scrumptious Little Debbie, Oh Big Daddy Uncle Ben, Dirty Old Aunt Jemima, please please OH Yes Mr. Adams, Hot Hot Rosarita, and Give it to Me Annie can easily be eaten and weirdly enough sexualized.

Unlike the big corporate farmers, Amy tends to Tasty Sam in a loving and spiritual manner. When Sam is sitting by his lonesome in the shade, she will put him in a bicycle pannier and pedal towards the sunshine.

Amy pets Tasty Sam

Amy pets Tasty Sam

Like any well-loved growing being, Tasty Sam became too big for his shoes. Amy worried his roots would become root bound and deformed for life. She didn’t want history to compare her to the Chinese men who bound Chinese women’s feet.

Unfortunately, the Girdwood Alaska Backpackers Inn does not yet have a proper grow box for Tasty Sam. Luckily, the town of Girdwood has a community garden minutes away from the hostel. Amy contacted Shelia who manages the community garden. Tasty Sam, Sheila, and Amy instantly fell into place like a spring salad. To Amy and Tasty Sam’s delight, Sheila had a small garden plot ready named 11.

Amy will never bind the roots of her veggies

Amy will never bind the roots of her veggies

Tasty Sam’s roots took instantly to the soil like a baby goats lips to its mama’s tit.
coonridge dairy goat

If any hostellers would like to meet Tasty Sam, just contact Amy. She will be more than happy to take you on a Girdwood garden tour.


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