Atlanta, Idaho Bicycle Tour (pedal power)

Amy and I along with Jay and Emily took a bicycle tour from Boise, Idaho to Atlanta, Idaho in the summer of 2008.  We followed the Boise River for 2 nights and 3 days.  In Atlanta we stayed in the Honey Moon Cabin.  We were given a tour of the town from Jack and Frank, met the famous historian/artist Keri, and had a garden fresh salad compliments of Greg.  From Atlanta to Boise we once again followed the Boise River.   My Dad camped with us on the way back into town.

Bicycle camping along Arrowrock Reservoir

Arrowrock Reservoir

Emily and Amy

Boise River

Plenty of water from campgrounds and pumping from the Boise River

Community hot spring shower

Boise River

Atlanta, Idaho

Special Thanks to Mr. Ireland and Ms. Chavez for the use of the Honeymoon Cabin

Cozy as a tent along the Boise River

Jay and Emily

Atlanta, Idaho mail contractor who will bring up supplies

Atlanta, Idaho

Atlanta, Idaho

Atlanta, Idaho

Atlanta, Idaho

Frank and Jack local historians and tour guides

Atlanta, Idaho

Dad and his 650 KLR Kawasaki motorcycle

Brandon on his Surly Long Haul Trucker

Special thanks to Frank, Jack, Keri, Greg, Allen, Ms. Chavez.  Photo credits:  Frank, Jack, Emily, Jay, Amy and Brandon

4 nights and 6 days totaling 168 miles of bicycle riding along the Boise River

6 responses to “Atlanta, Idaho Bicycle Tour (pedal power)

  1. My husband and I grew up in the Treasure Valley and left for awhile to Texas. We came back Summer of 07 precisely for the reasons you have in your photos. Breathtaking beauty, peace, serenity. Your trip looked so fun.

  2. This looks gorgeous. Was it easy enough to find your way to Atlanta? Are there plenty of places along the way to get water or do you need to filter from the river? Are there lots of campgrounds? What’s the best time of year, weather wise, to do this ride? Would 700×38 tires be good enough for these roads?


    • Tiffany,

      The trip to Atlanta is very easy to navigate. All a person has to do is follow the Boise River starting in Boise. The road follows the river all the way to Atlanta. There are campgrounds and water sources all the way to Atlanta. On our bicycle ride we did a combination of campgrounds, noncampgrounds, filtering water, and using typical water sources. One thing to keep in mind as of the summer 2008 there was no services (grocery, cafe) in Atlanta. If you don’t want to carry a lot of food find out who delivers the mail to Atlanta. This person can drop off provisions in town. Far as the time of year, I wouldn’t go over the holidays like the 4th of July. We went to Atlanta the end of June and had good weather. 700 X 38 tires should be great. The roads are a little sandy so tires with some grip might help. Amy and I made the trip using regular street tire tread and did fine. Let us know how your trip works out. Happy travels.

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