Quiet and Secluded Boise Foothill Ride (guest pedal power)

written by The Strawberry Girl

Dear Friends,

Greetings and welcome to the Strawberry Fields!

If you follow a long dirt path tucked secretly behind the old Idaho State Penitentiary, you’ll find a narrow paved path that runs from Old Penitentiary Road to Castle Rock Park, off Warm Springs Boulevard in Boise, Idaho. The picturesque strip of Warm Springs from Broadway to Old Penitentiary Road provides plenty to the biking set, the dear “Friends of the Field.” Though a brief excursion, your faithful Strawberry Girl and her ever-constant, asexual life partner – a 1987, single gear, brand-less, USA-made blue, named “Azzuri” – were enthralled by this quiet and secluded ride.

The two lovers found themselves enjoying this bike path not once, not even twice, but four times—alone, naturally—and not for journalistic purposes rather sheer boredom.  Strawberry and Azzuri found the unnamed and relatively unknown path to be ideal for rides through the Boise foothills with small kids in tow or a quick trip to the park for picnicking. It was among this path that your jaded and often socially inappropriate Strawberry Girl decided it was definitely time to continue her adventures and report back the findings to her precious readers.

The Strawberry Girl enjoys defying rules and law enforcement and often has no qualms about breaking the rules to get a good scoop. Therefore, the two rusty old NO TRESSPASSING signs she passed along the path did not hesitate her motion in the slightest, though she must advise that her readership, the “Friends”, take the more lawful path. This would sacrifice some dramatic views from the gothic, Addams Family-like Old Penitentiary, but is satisfying nonetheless.

Straw B.G. and Azzuri also took advantage of the reasonable $4 admission (or, free with membership) to Tai Chi in the Garden at the Idaho Botanical Gardens, taught beautifully in the main plaza, at the very do-able time of 10am every Saturday, with local instructor Dave Lewis. Following Tai Chi on Saturdays, participants may enjoy bringing a sack brunch (sorry, no mimosas! That was a rule with which S.G. did comply) overlooking downtown Boise in the lush Rose Garden.

Lastly, Friends, the Strawberry Girl would like to let the record show that summer, in all her heat and glory, has officially arrived in Boise, and the StrawB and Azzuri couldn’t be happier. Already, Azzuri has received a brand new pair of tubes to usher in the season and the Strawberry Girl even treated herself to a new (used) helmet!

Until the next adventure…

-The Strawberry Girl

2 responses to “Quiet and Secluded Boise Foothill Ride (guest pedal power)

  1. how ever wrote this is a GENIUS!

  2. I’ll be there!

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