Idaho Mountain Touring

This spring with the help of Idaho Mountain Touring, I built a Surly Long Haul Trucker. This is the bike that will take me to Mexico and beyond this fall.

The bicycle mechanics at Idaho Mountain Touring are very knowledgeable about touring, will take the time to thoroughly answer questions, and excitedly show customers how to properly maintain their own bicycles. Anyone who has a question about bicycles or needs bicycle work should be sure to talk to the bike mechanics at Idaho Mountain Touring.

Check back for exciting spring and summer weekend bicycle touring essays. If you have a bicycle touring suggestion for 2 to 3 day trips from Boise, Idaho please leave a comment.

4 responses to “Idaho Mountain Touring

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  2. Sounds like you’re in for a great trip. Good luck.

    I am also planning a self supported tour around the US with a total mileage of just over 10k. I’ve been looking at the LHT as the platform for this ride.

    Like I said, good luck. Maybe we’ll meet on the road someday.


    • J Michael—are you a painter? I just bought a painting called “Twilight” by and artist signed J. Michael….I want to get a bio for your art if this is you…..

  3. Great blog! Good Info! Good Job!

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