Viva el Super-Burrito (short video)

Brandon rides his bicycle through downtown Boise and along the Boise River Greenbelt to enjoy a delicious bite of bean burrito at a taco truck on 42nd Street. Music by Miguel Gonzalez.



2 responses to “Viva el Super-Burrito (short video)

  1. brandon! I found your blog thru the poet’s encyclopedia, somebody sent me a link to it. You have just made me miss Boise so much (I live in Ohio now). The bicycling mellowness there. and the Flying M. And thailand, haven’t had too many omelets in thailand, tho, but Boise I have, and burritos, and I miss Boise, and miss seeing you around once in awhile because you are FRESH. Have fun in Thailand. Love, Cathy

  2. Just visited this taco truck on your recommendation and enjoyed it very much! So far, it was the best Mexican food I have had in Boise. Had to hunt for it a bit though (which was kind of fun), so might be helpful to point out that it is at the corner of 42nd and Chinden.

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