Another Reason to Hula Hoop (short film)

click to watch Lynn hoopin’ to keep warm: Another Reason to Hula Hoop

Returned to Boise to find the weather unseasonably cold and that hula hooping is all the rage. My friend, Lynn, hula hoops to stay warm. She’s the hottest hula-hoopin’ hipster in town. Ever seen anyone strip while hula hooping? Me neither, until today. Check out our short vid above, with original music by Bovalexia, and check out Lynn’s handcrafted, custom-made hoops, performances and classes at

4 responses to “Another Reason to Hula Hoop (short film)

  1. Is there a hula hoop group in Boise, Idaho?

  2. Maureen,
    This is Lynn responding to your message. I host a free hooping in the park at Camels Back Park on Saturdays at 10am if you’re interested. I will also be teaching some upcoming hoop classes towards the beginning of fall. My website is not up yet, but will be soon. I hope to see you at the park:)
    P.S. Extra hoops will be provided.

  3. Hello, Hello!
    So I’ve finally got my website up, and I hope you dont mind, but Im putting a link to Earthworm

  4. watching you is the most amazing thing i have ever seen thank you

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