Earthworm Envy Music

Enjoy original music by Brandon Follett, now available in ringtones that are sure to put a smile on your face.


You want a ringtone that does more than let you know you’re receiving a call. You want a ringtone that will show your sense of humor and spark a good laugh and interesting conversation. It’s the best way to get through a long line at the supermarket, bank, or sitting at a bus stop. I don’t have a cell phone, so I have to rely on my hat as an interesting conversation starter.

Browse original music by Brandon Follett for your new ringtone.

Or, if you already know which song you want, go directly there:
From Weir Hot Springs, “I feel so free, sitting naked by the hot springs”
From Afternoon Snack, “I am hungry, give me some food” (duet with pig)
From Momma, I’m Scared, “Bludgeon your brains, poke you in the butt, those are the words Momma said to me”


One response to “Earthworm Envy Music

  1. wow, ringtones! To hear “Bludgeon your brains. . .” in the supermarket would be priceless. I’m afraid to buy it, just because of the looks I would get.

    Great blog. I’m a big fan of omelets and thai food, not so much the bugs.

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