Earthworm Envy Creative Marketing

For those of you with something to sell, podcasts and blogs are the advertising medium of the future. Earthworm Envy offers several options for creatively marketing your business, band, product, or idea. If you’re interested in Earthworm Envy creative marketing, contact us at We’ll gladly provide glowing reports of our professional work ethic from previous clients.

Advertise your logo

1) Send us a jpeg of your logo and we will place it below your favorite blog and/or in the sidebar and link it to your website, mypsace, or world wide web info. Check out the Local Grub logo at “Journey to the Source of the Mulberry Leaf Omelet” blog post.

Advertise through podcasts

2) Product placement in a podcast, such as the Saturna t-shirt you’ll subtly notice in “John F. Kennedy’s Hair” and basically every pod starring Brandon Follett. Saturna is currently on their way to MTV fame.


3) A podcast created specifically to highlight your goods, such as “Another Reason to Hula Hoop” starring Lynn Knickrehm and her handcrafted hula hoop.

Advertise through omelets

4) Does your restaurant/organization/self make a delicious omelet that has personality or can inspire world peace? Contact us at and we’ll write our honest opinion about your omelet.

3 responses to “Earthworm Envy Creative Marketing

  1. We would like to feed you an omelet, so keep an eye out for that. As far as plugging MarsMedia, I guess I oculd help my own cause by undertaking the Infamous, Envious, Legless, Tube-ish Creature-Creative Graphical Identity. I’ve been crazy busy with work and working from home but I do have some sketches, they’re just in an early form of evolution. So how did you guys get so well-versed in web media moguling?

  2. Josh Kindelberger


    I read your piece in the boise weekly. I laughed when I saw at the bottom, because I knew it was you that had it printed. Well done! Now that was creative advertising.

    Where are you now?

    I hope all is well,

  3. Just want to say HELLO! Brandon!
    Sweet beard!

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